Okay so my name is Shaunie and I am 15. I live in the good old boring Uk and i would like to stress the fact that i am strange. like a full on freak... even my friends can't handle me!
then again it might be their fault.... hmmmmm. I love doctor who, being human, true blood, and game of thrones DAENERYS SHALL REIGN. REIGN I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the most important thing to me is people and family.. they matter and we take them for granted. so don't. My music taste is a wide variation and i'll not bore you with the details but i'll tell you that it ranges from Chopin's Nocturne no.8 in d flat major to Sleepwalking by BMTH to Colbia caillat to nirvana. Basically everything, it depends on my mood. All I want right now is to make my Grandad proud before it's too late..
and then there's the rest:
kittens, hugs, chocolate. Chris and David and Matt Smith's hair. and maybe some of Jason Momoa's beard?
Happiness and laughter and funsicles! :D
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